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IKEA Furniture – What Lies Beneath?

You have to admit, the same as I do. We have all shopped at IKEA, and been impressed by the sheer size of the place. The layout of the store is like nothing else and who hasn’t enjoyed the $2 hotdogs for a quick snack. Then when you consider the price of the items they sell its easy to get carried away with how much you buy. There is a downside that us professional interstate removalists see that many of you would not. The quality of the furniture is about a 2 out of 10!

IKEA has forced professional interstate removals companies to sharpen their skills when it comes to loading, unloading and handling their furniture. The glossy finishes, the trendy styles and colours are an effective cover up for WHAT LIES BENEATH, crap pretend timber otherwise known as fibreboard. This fibreboard is partially made of cardboard, that’s right cardboard.

FACT: Your dining table and matching TV cabinet, that compliment your trendy leather lounge suite are made from, well…….cardboard; partially anyway.

This is the reason why the furniture swells rapidly if it gets wet and is also the reason why the screws and connectors pull out, break and loosen after time, a short time. When us interstate removalists move IKEA furniture, extra care has to be taken to make sure we don’t twist the furniture when we carry it. When we load it into the truck we have to make sure that items like horizontal shelves on bookcase’s aren’t load bearing in any way, unlike solid timber furniture where we can. Items like IKEA desks and tables cannot be load bearing with any significant weight unlike their solid timber counterparts, and they must be secured from sideways movement also so the legs or ends don’t snap off.

Many removalists opt to pull IKEA furniture apart and move them in pieces to avoid damage during transit, which is fine but also very time consuming.

The bottom line, more time and more care has to be taken for IKEA furniture when moving interstate or locally. I commend them on making the furniture industry more competitive for consumers but it has come at the price of quality!

Posted by Corey Smith

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