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If only we had a dollar for everytime we heard…..part 3

One of my favourites and also one of the most costly for clients, so this doubles up as a moving tip!  When us interstate removalists arrive at a job the first thing we do a quick lap of the house to see whats going and how its all been presented….if the client packed themselves. You can count on a small  percentage of stuff that isn’t packed into boxes yet and the client will say “don’t worry, I will pack that whilst you guys are loading the truck/container”   and 90% of the time it doesn’t get done because the client gets sidetracked or distracted on other miscellaneous things.  We end up either having to pack them ourselves or leave them for the client to move, the final decision lies with the client but this is something that can be avoided easily. Either way it is no issue for us…it just costs a little extra for you the client

Posted by Corey Smith

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