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How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost?

The average cost of moving furniture interstate

While it is impossible to give a definitive figure, good removalists when moving locally only charge an hourly rate which is generally the best and cheapest way for the client. However, when moving interstate your removalist charges for space, meaning how much furniture you have and how much space that fills in our truck or container.

The space is charged differently for how far you are travelling for example, moving from Melbourne to Adelaide will cost approximately half what it costs to relocate to Brisbane from Melbourne. So summarised “how much will my interstate furniture removal cost” depends on how many possessions you have. Here is a ball park for you though: an average 3 bedroom house will only cost approximately between $2000 and $2500 from Adelaide to Melbourne. Give us a call see what yours will cost!

For the cheapest way of moving furniture interstate contact the expert at iMovers. The cost of our removalists will make your move streamlines, simple, and best of all stress free!

Posted by Corey Smith

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