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How do I get to Carnarvon, its in the middle of nowhere?

Many of our clients that are needing interstate removalists to move them  to a remote location wonder how their furniture is going to get there. Its actually quite simple…you just need a company like iMovers. For example lets look at Carnarvon, maybe moving from somewhere like Melbourne Victoria, first we would arrange the furniture to be professionally loaded into the container or truck, normally containers for western Australia because of the cost of fuel to travel that distance limits the number of trucks that run in that direction. Secondly we send the container to Perth, if it were another state like Queensland then we would first send the container to Brisbane. Then arrange an agent that has a run going right up the coast probably as far as Broome to pick up the container from the rail yard, put it on his truck (via a forklift of coarse) and drop it off at Carnarvon on his way to Broome. He would unload the well packed furniture into your house as our agents are furniture removalists and then be on his way further up the coast. Quite simple when written like that, BUT you need an experienced company like iMovers to plan this correctly or it can all fall apart as quick as its put together. For more info on moving you to your remote location give us a call.

Posted by Corey Smith

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