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Flammable : Tips on Packing for Interstate Removals

If you decide to pack your own boxes then this is a must read.

We all know insurance companies are as slippery as wet worm, and when it comes to moving insurance they will sting you if an accident occurs and their rules have not been followed 100%. One thing that is not covered when moving interstate is anything Flammable, anything that contains the red symbol and other flammable/combustible items too.

Common items that you should avoid packing are:

Cleaning Products

• Oven cleaners
• Drain cleaners
• Wood and metal cleaners and polishes
• Toilet cleaners
• Tub, tile, shower cleaners
• Bleach (laundry)
• Pool chemicals

Indoor Pesticides

• Ant sprays and baits
• Cockroach sprays and baits
• Flea repellents and shampoo
• Bug sprays
• Houseplant insecticides
• Moth repellents
• Mouse and rat poisons and baits

Automotive Products

• Motor oil
• Fuel additives
• Carburettor and fuel injection cleaners
• Air conditioning refrigerants
• Starter fluids
• Automotive batteries
• Transmission and brake fluid
• Antifreeze

Workshop/Painting Supplies

• Adhesives and glues
• Furniture strippers
• Oil- or enamel-based paint
• Stains and finishes
• Paint thinners and turpentine
• Paint strippers and removers
• Photographic chemicals
• Fixatives and other solvents

Lawn and Garden Products

• Herbicides
• Insecticides
• Fungicides/wood preservatives


• Batteries
• Mercury thermostats or thermometers
• Fluorescent light bulbs
• Driveway sealer

Other Flammable Products

• Propane tanks and other compressed gas cylinders
• Petrol and 2 Stroke petrol (emptied from lawn mowers, whipper snippers etc)
• Kerosene
• Home heating oil
• Diesel fuel
• Gas/oil mix
• Lighter fluid
• Gas Bottles for BBQ’s (must be emptied prior to moving)

Your Melbourne interstate removalists will avoid packing all of these types of products if we are packing your boxes for you. Be sure to contact us if you are moving to or from Melbourne

Posted by Corey Smith

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