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Fire Safety Regulations

You have to wonder sometimes why councils and the government write such ridiculous laws. We are moving into a new facility and we have come across a road block because the council has demanded we get a fire safety consultant to approve the place before we move in and start using the facility for removals and storage. The consultant has said that if we will need a special and expensive sprinkler system to store containers in there because apparently they are combustible. We are talking about solid steel containers that are completely and tightly sealed. HOW? Meanwhile the council will approve a facility in a flood zone with no issue. Take Brisbane’s recent floods for instance. How many stores, shopsand warehouses went underwater…..what about residential houses. Where’s is the councils responsibility in approving all of these shops in a known flood zone. The poor business owners probably didn’t know it floods but you can bet your bottom dollar the council did! I think that the council approves these areas even though they flood because its cheaper than developing new areas out of flood zones. Again, money rules the roost.

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Posted by Corey Smith

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