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An Interstate Removal in Melbourne Became an Ostrich Rodeo!

Recently, our interstate removalists were in country Victoria getting prepared to move an Ostrich Farm to outer Sydney. Our company was only engaged to move the furniture and belongings, not the ostriches.

We had a larger than normal team of six removalists to get this big job on the truck in half a day. The owners of the farm commented that this move was extremely hard for them as they had lived together on this farm of over 50 years; the man named Bill had lived there for 70. They appeared to be a fairly fit old couple considering they were in their late 80’s.

As our removalists were loading the furniture removals truck, a few of them noticed an old truck coming down the dusty long driveway, it was an old cattle truck driven by Jabba the Hutt, coming to relocate the ostriches. When he arrived he dropped the tailgate at the loading docks and with the help of the old couple, started shooing the birds into the truck. The twenty plus birds started panicking and fluttering around, most of them ran up into the truck, but something inspired one of the birds to jump off the ramp and over the fence, it was loose.

For any inexperienced person or removalist onlooker, this is pretty funny stuff but for Bill, he quickly sprang into action. Bill yelled out to our removalists, who at this stage were still laughing, he said “come and help me surround him before he takes off”. Hesitantly the boys ran over and formed a ring around the bird. I don’t know how many of you have ever stared at a 6 foot angry bird out of its cage, but apparently it’s an intimidating experience. Our removalists reported they couldn’t stop thinking about their eyes getting pecked out.

Bill was about to show our young, tough removalists how the country boys do it

Once surrounded, 86 year old Bill jumped in the ring to wrestle the angry bird. Running around looking for a way out, the ostrich got a bit too close to Bill who saw the opportunity and pounced onto the back the bird. At first it started bucking to get him off but clearly Bill had done this before.  He started chanting and taunting the bird for a bit of a ride but his wife yelled out “Get off that bloody thing Bill, you’re not 18 anymore”. After a couple minutes of fun Bill rode the ostrich over to the truck, and in one swift action jumped off and pushed it up the ramp.

As a souvenir for the boy’s first Ostrich rodeo, Bill gave each of them an ostrich egg to keep so they would always remember, you’re only as old and the ostrich you ride.

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Posted by Corey Smith

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