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4 More pre-moving tips from some Interstate removalists

Here are 4 more premoving tips from some Interstate removalists

• When labelling your boxes, write on the sides of the boxes, not the top. This way when they are in stacks of 2 or 3 high you can trolley them into their correct rooms without unstacking (double handling) to read the top. This is a very underestimated time saver.
• To SAVE money, check with friends or family if anyone has second hand proper moving boxes you can borrow, whilst they are on the phone see if you can lure them to help on moving day with their car for free pizza. Bribery of your close circle of friends can save you a lot. More hands make light work!
• Create a small box or bag of everything that is vital not to pack. Eg. keys, phone and charger, coffee, wallet/purse etc. You’d be amazed at how many people pack and can’t find things they need on moving day
• Begin to bundle up items like shovels, brooms and rakes, bed slats, fishing rods with packing tape. Less items equals less time and less moving costs

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Posted by Corey Smith

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